protect your smile

Pasta del Capitano offers a complete range of products for oral hygiene, with safe and reliable formulations, able to meet the needs of the whole family. Pasta del Capitano is not only a prestigious brand of oral hygiene but a true icon of Made in Italy since 1905, synonymous with quality and pharmaceutical standards.



the smile of Italians

The smile is perhaps one of the most beautiful things that belong to Italians, it denotes happy moments, the joy of life, the taste and flavor of the Mediterranean Sea. That's why we care so much about the smile, because the care of teeth and oral hygiene is for us a passion as well as a corporate mission. Pasta del Capitano 1905 is therefore our \"recipe \" for people who want the best for themselves and for their smile.


for women

Cera di Cupra has been, for over 50 years, a brand associated with feminine beauty, with cosmetic products dedicated to the protection, care and well-being of the skin, able to respond naturally to the different needs of every age. Quality and reliable products, which combine tradition and modernity in the creation of unique "Beauty Recipes", the result of true and lived experiences, born and raised along with the women who have passed them down for generations from mother to daughter.


irresistible nature

The first 100% Made in Italy natural and organic male line. A new reference point in men's universe, which combines for the first time naturalness and safety of certified organic ingredients with the uniqueness of a distinctive and unmistakable style .


well-being starts from the feet

Timodore Dr. Ciccarelli has, with passion and pharmaceutical attention, dedicated itself for over 50 years to the care and deodorization of feet, a brand synonymous with Italian tradition that has emerged over time due to the quality and effectiveness of its products.


body hygiene

The Ready-to-use Dr. Ciccarelli Soap Mitt is designed for quick cleaning of the face and body without the need for rinsing. Practical and disposable, it is ideal in difficult situations but also for an emergency daily care outside the home: while traveling, camping, and in the hospital.


with antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral action. Not the usual sanitizer

The new Sanitizing Hand Cream sanitizes without drying skin, helping reduce the microbial load on the hand surface and promote an unfavorable environment for microorganism proliferation. Its particular formulation replaces alcohol with a synergical mix of antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral ingredients, combined with emollient active ingredients having a nourishing action.


innovative, effective and safe formulations according to Science and Nature

From science and nature, a complete line of products to protect, soothe and strengthen the skin, lips and nails of the whole family. Based on natural active ingredients they have a targeted action to solve small everyday problems. - Discover the official website

S.O.S Denti

a complete treatment for enamel regeneration and protection

S.O.S DENTI brand line products are highly technological and innovative solutions that, with regular use, regenerate enamel restoring its mineral content and strengthening its structure.



safety and protection in daily intimate hygiene

The daily intimate hygiene line is based on natural active ingredients. Ensures efficiency and protection at home or outside the home, as well as the prevention of troublesome issues related to the female intimate hygiene.



solution and prevention for marks on the skin

It is a line of products indicated for the lightening treatment of dark skin spots. Based on LumiComplex®, a complex of specific natural active ingredients extracted from Red Oranges, Olive leaves, Capers and Rice, it is able to regulate the production of melanin, by acting on the process of the formation of skin spots in areas normally exposed to sunlight.