18 March 2016


And what if one Sunday morning, while you stroll through the streets of Milan, you find yourself in front of a young couple dressed in traditional clothes of the 1900s? You would surely think it’s a joke. But no! Capitano 1905 has organized, together with a group of boys from the "M3" master of the Università Bicocca di Milano, a Guerrilla Marketing activity, aimed at attracting the attention of passers-by and to give them the chance to learn about and discover, in an unusual but fun way, the new premium line "Capitano 1905".

The unique idea which transported the two boys through time from 1905 (the year in which the toothpaste "Pasta del Capitano" was born) to 2016, attracted so much attention that many did not miss the opportunity to take a "vintage" photograph and share it on the social pages.

And you, did you see them? Publish your photos with the hashtag #capitano1905