06 July 2017


Cera di Cupra is renewing its look and launches new programs focused on the protection and wellbeing of the skin with the aim to meet new and much more specific beauty needs of the women of all ages.

Innovative and targeted formulations made even more effective thanks to the ingredients of the latest generation and advanced technologies inspired by the pharmaceutical tradition and being a result of the constant Research and Development activities of our laboratories.

The new Cera di Cupra includes 3 different lines:

Beauty Recipe, nourishing treatment with anti-age action;

Moisturizing, 24 h hydration and protection against effects of pollution;

Anti-Age, treatment with anti-wrinkle effect.

Each Cera di Cupra line contains precious protective and nourishing ingredients. Beauty Recipe line still keeps as ingredient its historical Virgin Beeswax which helps prevent the signs of aging and donates a pleasant sensation of smoothness meanwhile the Anti-Age line creams contain a specific vitamin A based complex as well as high nutritious power elements having effective protective and anti-aging effect, such as Avocado and Jojoba oil, Shea butter and Betaine. The Moisturizing line has been specifically created to offer the effective protection against pollution thanks to its advanced anti-oxidant complex which helps protect the skin from the external agents and to reactivate the natural skin hydration process.