26 June 2019

Timodore presents the new "ginger" deodorant line with fresh and surprising scent

Feet are the undisputed main characters of our daily routine and Farmaceutici Dott. Ciccarelli wants to keep one taking care of them with the new Timodore "Ginger" Deodoration line. Its formulation, that guarantees Antibacterial Deodorant Protection, helps keep the feet fresh and deodorized for the whole day.

The new line includes:

The Ginger Deodorant Spray with antibacterial and refreshing properties prevents foot and shoe odour.

The Ginger Deodorant Powder with antibacterial properties, has a dermo-purifying power, prevents and absorbs bad foot odour and helps regulate skin perspiration, keeping the foot cool and dry.

The 48h long-lasting Deodorant Cream Ginger with antibacterial properties, acts in cases of foot hyper-sweating and plantar bromidosis. The efficacy tests have demonstrated a deodorising action that lasts up to 48 hours, thanks to its formulation rich in special components that can control the sweating of the foot.

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