09 November 2016


Pasta del Capitano toothpaste, having always been synonymous with safety, quality and Made in Italy, presents a new complete product range able to satisfy the specific demands of the oral hygiene care. The new products were born out of Farmaceutici Dott. Ciccarelli Company research activities developing the two new lines:

Daily Hygiene:

  • Plaque and Cavities: provides teeth and gums protection and contributes to enamel remineralization 
  • Antitartar: refreshes breath, helps preventing plaque, it is also ideal for smokers

        Specific Solutions:

  • Ox-Active Whitening®: restores the natural whiteness of teeth
  • Total Protection: protects from plaque, cavities and tartar, maintaining healthy gums and fresh breath
  • Sensitive teeth: gives an instant and effective relief form tooth sensitivity 
  • Gum Protection:  gives relief to sensitive and irritated gums and protects oral cavity 
  • Fresh Breath: guarantees an effective action against halitosis 
  • The new formulas are enriched with Certified Organic Mint as well as Sulfetal Zn®, a Zinc based molecule. See more on: www.pastadelcapitano.it