15 March 2018

S.O.S Denti, a new toothpaste for protecting and regenerating the enamel of teeth

The enamel of our teeth is consumed day after day, due to phenomena such as erosion and abrasion. For this reason Farmaceutici Dottor Ciccarelli proposes a great novelty in the field of oral hygiene: the new S.O.S Denti toothpaste, created with a highly innovative and technological formulation, consistent with the Company's mission to offer products with a strong scientific credibility.

The formula of S.O.S Denti prevents the erosion of the dental surface, reinforcing the teeth and stimulating the phenomena of regeneration and repair of the enamel thanks to the presence of Instant Active Phosphate, a bio-inspiration material, a bio-mimetic and bio-compatible compound which stimulates the remineralization of enamel, prolongs the fluoride ions in a prolonged manner and protects the teeth from the acid attacks of bacteria, food and drink, reducing the sensitivity of the teeth.
The S.O.S Denti toothpaste is enriched with Vitamin E acetate, Betaine, Coconut Oil and Organic Mint, is microbiologically tested and does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, parabens or other preservatives.