02 May 2016


At the end of April we have concluded the 5th edition of the "We Are All Capitano" project, the educational initiative of Pasta del Capitano for positive leadership, which aims to promote proactive behaviors and prevent abusive attitudes and bullying. The project, which began in 2011, was created with the goal of educating children in kindergarten and primary school to develop social and emotional skills that enable better social relationships in their daily coexistence relationships.

In all editions, an appropriate language has been used to explain these concepts to children, developed through a game. This game is driven by 10 stimulus figures, represented by as many animals, each of which corresponds to a specific socio-affective ability. 

The 5th edition (school year 2015/2016) has proposed a meeting with PSICOLOGIA POSITIVA (POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY) (founded by American psychologist Martin Seligman), which deals with the study of personal well-being as the center of life quality. In this edition, the guiding animal were associated with the 24 "human potentialities", so that children were able to identify themselves easily with them and use them positively in everyday relationships, promoting constructive relationships within the group. 

The schools involved in the project were able to participate in a free initiative that has designated 10 winning classes for kindergarten and 10 winning classes for primary school, which will receive a voucher as a prize to spend on the purchase of teaching materials. 

Additional information on the site www.siamotutticapitano.it